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Valentines Day 2017

Welcome to BakeArt

Red Heart Sprinkles

We are the UKs leading supplier
of edible cake decorations.

Pink Butterfly Sprinkles

We are the only UK food factory
making edible Sprinkles

Blue Shimmer Sugar

We manufacture
a wide range of natural coloured
and flavoured sugar

Chocolate heart

BakeArt is also an approved supplier to the majority of the largest supermarkets in the UK.

A Little about us

Butterfly Cupcakes 

BakeArt UK Ltd are manufacturers of edible cake decorations including printed sugar paste plaques, printed wafer, sugar sprinkles, coloured sugar, shimmer sugar, printed chocolates and plastic rings and picks.
Our range of sugar sprinkles is massive, from seasonal shapes such as sugar hearts, Easter Eggs, Rabbits and for Halloween, sugar witches, through to Christmas shapes – sugar holly leaves and candy canes.
We sell all year round sugar sprinkles from Teddy Bears through to round circles, stars and snowflakes. All of our sugar creations are manufactured in our A-Grade BRC approved site which is based in the North East of England. We are the only UK factory manufacturing printed chocolate for the bakery industry using the latest screen print technology.

Whether you are a large plant bakery making cakes for the supermarkets and are needing bakery ingredients supplied to you in bulk, or are a craft bakery just wanting to find something that makes your cupcakes fly off your shelves, make BakeArt your supplier of choice. We have a team of designers who are able to make bespoke solutions to suit every occasion and budget, or why not just browse our inspiration page. BakeArt has been supplying all the large UK bakeries and 1000's of independent bakers for years and we have the experience necessary to make your next cake a success!

BRC food Certificated

We're BRC Food Certified
BakeArt has been BRC A-Grade for a number of years. Please feel free to download our latest certificates to add to your due dilligence records. If you require any further information on our products, please don't hesitate to contact us and someone from our technical department will get back to you.

Flower Cupcakes

We manufacture edible products to suit all sizes of bakery items from celebration cakes to cupcakes and specialise in making products using natural colours and natural flavours, so that your cakes can be completely child friendly. BakeArt is a leading company in the UK for manufacturing with natural colours and we have won a number of awards for our constant innovation in the bakery and ice cream sector.


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Tel: 01792 293689